How to tell how serious a coach is about recruiting you going into summer camps.
Coaches assess 3 things: admissibility, ability and personality. Don't get caught up in anything else.
Having a bad operation might not be "your fault" but it is definitely "your problem" to fix.
The single biggest mistake recruits and parents make during summer camps is thinking summer camps are do or die.
Post-Grad, or simply PG years are widely misunderstood by parents and players. Let's see if they're right for you.
Hey 🙋‍♂️Brendan Cahill here Happy Saturday morning to 506 smart, motivated, and really good-looking subscribers. Here is one short tip on how to get…
There are five myths that parents and players believe about recruiting that are lies.
This is a small program I made two years ago that encompasses the process I usually take parents and players through on their college recruiting…
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