Most people believe more choice is always better, but that's not exactly true.
Read time: 3 minutes There is an old expression a friend of mine from Nebraska who grew up on a horse farm used to tell me during Peace Corps: Don’t…
Let Other Coaches Claim You, Retweets are more important than rankings.
Good morning 👋 Later this month, I’ll be launching Offered as an online course and support network for parents and players going through the recruiting…
I get a lot of DM’s, emails, and phone calls all basically asking the same thing: how do you kick into college? This small but information-dense ebook…
First cohort begins July 1st, 2022
I once knew a talented FBS kicker whose first three kicks in any session, game, or practice would determine how the rest of his day went. If they were…
How to tell how serious a coach is about recruiting you going into summer camps.
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