May 20, 2021 • 44M

Yale University Coach Kevin Cahill

Plus: What makes great coaching; What's the biggest misconception about Ivy League Football; How to get the ball rolling on your own recruiting; How to standout academically and more.

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Most athletes are already great, they just can’t get out of their way. This podcast will help as host Brendan Cahill interviews world class athletes and coaches as who have helped others and themselves get out of their own away and move the needle on their performance. Each episode will include a specific idea that you can apply to your own life today. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
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Today’s guest is Yale University OC Kevin Cahill - while I’m tickled his last name is mine, and I am sure we’re 13th cousins from somewhere in our ancestral homeland of Ireland we are not, unfortunately of direct relation. Although I wish we were! Coach Cahill combines the wisdom of Yoda with football wizardry that has helped Yale’s offense become quite…

This episode is for paid subscribers